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Vanessa lewis rn, msn, cnor



"My is name Vanessa Lewis I began my professional career as a medical-surgical nurse at University Hospital on the trauma unit and Wilford Hall in the Orthopedic Unit over twenty years ago. In 2001, I transitioned into the preoperative services at Methodist Hospital by having had a choice of being a nurse in the operating room or outpatient surgery. My first choice was becoming a nurse in the Operating Room upon starting I was placed in the AORN Perioperative 101 course. While at Methodist I was the Service Line Coordinator for Othropedic Spine surgeries, as my interest in leadership and management grew I became the Weekend Charge Nurse. This position allowed to go to school to complete my MSN in Administration, with a minor in Nursing Education and Nursing Informatics at the University of Texas Health Science Center. My nursing journey led me to the Veteran Administration Hospital where I was a Service nurse for podiatry, oral maxillary facial surgery, and GYN. I utilized my experience to serve others as the perioperative educator for the hospital always using the Preoperative Standards as my guide. Next, I transitioned over to the Nurse Manager Position, my units included Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Outpatient Surgery, and Interventional Radiology. My current role is with the Surgical Processes Services (SPS), where I am the Clinical QA Manager. This role allows me to keep the standards of AORN and Federal regulations by working closely with the operating room and keeping our veterans safe while they undergo procedures. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in  Nursing.  

My service to AORN San Antonio includes being a Board Member, Secretary, Vice President and currently I serve as the President-Elect.  I look forward to the benefit of serving the AORN San Antonio Chapter."

Andrea A Pruitt BSN, RN, CNOR



Andrea began her professional nursing career as a Perioperative nurse learning by the standards of AORN Periop 101 curriculum, 19 years ago when she became a member.

Andrea has served in various roles within the Perioperative services. Currently, Andrea serves as President. Andrea has been an RN for 19 years and has held many leadership roles. 

Andrea’s leadership positions include Clinical Educator, Case Manager, Adjunct Faculty at Alamo Colleges and Unit Supervisor.  Andrea will utilize all of her experiences rich with leadership and management to serve 


“Foundation is so important when I look back at my Perioperative career. The foundation laid by AORN, implemented by the hospital, directed by my perioperative educator and OR Staff has served me well to this very day. This foundation has helped me to have an extraordinary OR life.  Being a part of a team that can change the trajectory of someone’s life is truly an honor. AORN is important to me because it has helped and continues to set the benchmark for patient safety as well as the Standards that we apply to every patient every time as they enter our OR’s.”

David Taylor MSN, RN, CNOR



David has been a member of AORN since 1996 and has served in a variety of roles supporting AORN both Nationally as well as with the San Antonio AORN Chapter 4409 and AORN's eChapter.  David has held various leadership roles throughout his tenure. Elected to a two-year term on the National Nominating Committee, as well as holding positions locally as  San Antonio Chapter 4409 President, President Ex-Officio, Vice President, Board of Directors and  several years as the Chair for numerous committees.


A graduate of the University of the Incarnate Word, David has over 35 years of experience working in the operating room and procedural environments.  He has held a variety of leadership roles in surgical services throughout his career, including Regional Director, Senior Nurse Consultant, Executive Director of Surgical and Endoscopy Services, Adjunct Faculty at Loyola University in Chicago, NCLEX Instructor, and Nurse Educator. David is the owner of Resolute Advisory Group, LLC, providing Surgical Services, Service Line Development, Leadership Consulting throughout the country.  

"I believe that perioperative and peri-procedural nurses have the ability to impact the lives of their patients and their family members at some of the most vulnerable times in their life. For many, a medical and surgical intervention(s) can be a significant life event and every aspect of that medical care can have a profound impact.  In some case this can affect them for a lifetime.  Because our profession and the perioperative nursing specialty is continuously evolving it  requires nurses to seek up-to-date information and continually educate themselves with relevant information in order to provide the very best to their patients.  That is why AORN is so important to me.  It has always been at the forefront of bringing its members recommended practice standards, evidence-based practices, new trends and treatments in surgical and procedural care through a variety of venues. I feel fortunate, organizations like the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) diligently works to collect and disseminate the latest innovations and best practices in perioperative nursing so we can be the best at what we do.”

Rachel J Barrera ADN, RN,CNOR



Rachel J Barrera has worked in the  Operating Room since 1977.  She is currently the the Assistant Nurse Manager at Methodist Hospital. She was employed at Methodist Hospital from 1983 to 2004, St. Luke's Baptist Hospital from 2004 to 2010, and Methodist Hospital from 2010 to the present.


Rachel has been an AORN member since 1977


"I still remember the first AORN meeting I attended. It was in Harlingen, Texas in 1977. I was encouraged to attend the meeting by my OR nurse co-workers. At that time, I was employed at McAllen General Hospital, which no longer exists. Despite the drive from McAllen to Harlingen being a 35-40 minute drive, my OR nurse co-workers emphasized I wouldn’t regret attending the meeting. 

They were right. It truly made a difference in my career. I was surrounded by nurses with the same goals and aspirations. The meeting that night was a discussion on patient safety. This came at a time when I was just starting my career as an RN. I was 22 years old and scared that I would make a mistake in the OR as well as failing to properly communicate with the doctors, patients and their families. 

AORN provided the comfort zone I desperately needed, not just at the beginning of my career, but since then by providing me with easy access to continuing education through the AORN monthly journal and frequent webinars when I cannot attend the meetings. I am proud to say I am an Operating Room nurse."

Thomas J. Stringer RN, BSN, CNOR




“My name is Thomas J. Stringer and I joined the San Antonio Chapter of AORN in December 1993 when I moved to San Antonio after retiring from the United States Navy after over  23 years of service. I chose San Antonio as a place to live partially because this is where I went to Nursing School at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio and partially because civil service jobs were available for my wife here.  We have lived here ever since and have enjoyed ourselves a lot. I earned a BS degree from West Texas State University in 1970 and a BSN in 1977 from UTHSCSA. I joined AORN after finishing the perioperative nursing course in 1986 and achieved CNOR status in 1989.  I like AORN because of the educational opportunities they offer and it helps one to be the best they can be. Their guidelines make it easier to know what to do and they have guided my practice throughout my career. I retired from full time practice a few years ago and have devoted myself to volunteer work since that time.  I volunteer at BAMC in the operating room now and with TIME for Christ, Refuge International, and with Mercy Ships. I make at least two medical mission trips a year with these groups if not more. I made four trips in the past year. 

I have served the San Antonio Chapter of AORN on the board of directors numerous times, as president for 3 1/2years as vice president for ½ year and secretary for 2 years and have served on every committee at some time.  I have chaired the legislative committee for a number of years now. I wrote the chapter newsletter and mailed it out for several years when we still had a printed form. I was vice president when the president and president-elect both resigned in January, 1999  at the same time because one took a job in Hawaii and the other in Arkansas. The board kept me on as president the next full term. I was president again in 2007-2008 and in 2015-2016.”

Adelaide Emery FNP-BC, APRN, MSN, CNL, RN, CNOR



Adelaide Emery, FNP-BC, APRN, MSN, CNL, CNOR, is a Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her associate degree in nursing from St. Philip’s College. She received her BSN and Masters of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Adelaide has been a perioperative nurse by practice for the last 22 years, a lifetime member of AORN for 18 years.

Adelaide began practicing at a Pediatric Doctor’s office and then went to HealthSouth Surgical Hospital working Pre-op, Post-op, Extended Recovery. After that experience she went to the Operating Room at Methodist Hospital. She also worked at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, specializing in Pediatric Surgery. Her focus was in Pediatric Cardiac, ENT, Neuro, and Urology services. Working all aspects of surgery from neonate to elder adult has transformed her knowledge and skills to understand the dynamic mix required in perioperative nursing.

"I want to continue the momentum we have gained in bringing more operating room nurses to the meetings. I have advocated and campaigned for many years at all of the hospitals for nurses and scrub techs to attend our meetings. 

My vision for the future of the chapter is to grow to a large chapter of AORN and have more active members of the chapter. I want to see more participation from all of the health systems in our local area. I also hope to see new activities, so we gain the interest of all the members to chapter functions."

Carole Ann Hancock BSN, BA, RN

carol ann hancock.jpeg


"I have been in Nursing for over 40 years of which over 30 were in the peri-operative setting. I joined AORN in 1983. My mother was in Nursing, so It has played a big part of my life. When I started school in the 60’s, not getting in the school of my choice, I went into education getting a BA degree. 

Later I became an LPN , then AAS degree in Nursing and a BSN. Working in different areas of Nursing , the Operating Room was where I wanted to be. I had to wait 2 years to get in as there was little turn over of staff. Early on I discovered I liked being a patient advocate and working with a team where there is collaboration to obtain the goals set for our patients. My last 3 years were in Central Sterilization, an area attached to the OR where sterile instruments were easy to get to. Without this department, there can be no Surgery. As an periOperative Nurse it’s important to attend our yearly Expo which is held in different cities throughout the US, to network, see new products on the market and get education benefits. Although  retired, I try to attend , and alway see products / equipment I didn’t have when I was active in the OR. 

I now teach hand washing to first graders in an elementary school twice a month. I also teach at my church. I also do other volunteering at our Military Hospital. All of this is rewarding as a retired Nurse."

Margaret Romo RN

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Wiley Smith RN



"I have been a member since 1991 and joined Chapter 4490 in 1995.  I have served our Chapter in several capacities, including President, President Elect, and Board Member.  I have also worked on the Winter Symposium Committee, and represented our Chapter at such functions as Under the Bridge and Elf Louise.  I have helped at the national level by working on the Silent Auction Committee.

I have been an RN since 1991 and retired in 2010.  I served in the Military for 32 years."

AORN provides us with leadership and represents us at the state and local level."

Ruben Barrios MSN, Ms, Ed, RN

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Ruben Served as AORN San Antonio Chapter 4409 President three times.  His last term as president was 2016-2017.

Cindy Evan RN

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Herb Laing MSN, RN



"I have been a member of AORN from 1983-2005 and rejoined as a life member in 2016.  I have been a member of Chapter 4409 from 1995-2005 and rejoined in 2016 to present.  I have served our chapter in several capacities including, President, President-Elect, and Board Member, and on the Winter Symposium Committee.  I have worked with the National Silent Auction Committee for the past 6 years.

I have been an RN 35 years, having served in the Army for 15 years, retiring in 1997, and worked for Santa Rosa and CTRC after that.  I have worked in many capacities as an RN from staff member to leadership positions, having learned a great deal from every experience.

AORN is a great organization which serves us in many ways, from education, providing representation at the state and national level, support for education through scholarships and grants, just to name a few."

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